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3Syde is an innovative platform designed to enhance your Radix ecosystem experience.

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What does 3Syde do for you?

Virtual wallets

Using ed25519 algorithm we generate virtual wallets that work exactly the same as normal wallets, but with an advantage, your transactions can be signed without using the app


We will provide some utility bots, including buying bots (Yes sir, you will be able to buy tokens as soon as they add liquidity)

Social Trading Features

Features that allow users to follow and copy the trades of successful users on the platform. This include a leaderboard, shared trade strategies, and community-driven portfolios.

Why you should use 3Syde?


3Syde ensures that your transactions are not only swift but also safe. Whether you're transferring funds, receiving payments, or setting up new wallets


3Syde will help all your activities quickly on all devices. Dive into a world of possibilities with 3Syde your gateway to


3Syde will provide many rewards to everyone who uses it in their transactions on the radix ecosystem

We are fully committed to operating with integrity and transparency. 3Syde will work together with the community, ensuring compliance with requirements to provide you a secure environment.

Opinions and suggestions will be taken seriously by our team

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